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>> wake the children! it's time for another "fox & friends" live from new york city. and studio e. thanks for joining us. >> apparently i stole an irish phrase when i said top of the morning. >> how dare she steal top of the morning? i should give you the rights to say that. thank you, you have the right to say it. >> i should come up with a swedish phrase. >> for today call me patio furniture. that will be my nickname. >> how do we say fox news alert in irish? we have to begin with the headlines and fox news alert. u.s. and iraqi forces confirming that four suspected terrorists escaped from a prison in baghdad. all four men with ties to al-qaida were facing the death penalty. uh-oh! they're being held in the u.s.-controlled portion of tar kwu e prison, only one still under u.s. military control look at this video out of texas. those are cars peeking out of
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the floodwater. the remnants of tropical storm hermine, hermine, ok, being blamed for two deaths, unfortunately, there and forcing more than 100 high water rescues and some great video out of oklahoma where at least three tornadoes were reported. power lines knocked down because of the heavy winds and the rain there. four people are missing as a wildfire rages in the rocky mountain foothills outside of boulder, colorado. some families apparently stayed behind to protect their party despite warnings to leave. so far, about 140 buildings have burned down. >> we want to go home and you can't go home. but yeah, it sounds like we're not going to be able to go up there for a while. >> am i building a new house or cleaning my house? >> a lot of it so -- and i don't -- i wish we were getting more consistent answers. >> rain and cooler temperatures are slowing the fire but it's only 10% contained right now. the 9/11 health bill finally
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heading back to the house floor for a vote. the bill failed after outbursts like this from democratic congressman anthony weiner. >> it is a shame, a shame! if you believe this is a bad idea to provide health care, then vote no! >> the $7.4 billion measure would provide health care and compensation for thousands who got sick working at ground zero. a vote expected two weeks from now. rahm emanuel is not ready to dive into chicago's race for mayor just yet but he's already said to be dipping his toes into the campaign waters. politico reporting that the white house chief of staff has started to quietly gauge the interest of potential supporters reaching out to his allies in illinois. people close to emanuel say he could make his decision in the next two weeks. he has to make the decision in the next two weeks because you have to put your name on the ballot. >> you have to get a whole bunch of signatures. >> quietly gauging.
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does he do anything quietly? he does a lot of fingerpointing naked. >> this has been on his radar screen for quite sometime. he does things naked in locker rooms. >> let's talk about what happened yesterday. as we took at the world of politics, h.q. with the special animation. state where the unemployment rate is 10.3%, the president of the united states went up there to the podium and he knew people were angry about the fact that there are not many jobs and in fact, he had a lot of interesting things. they say essentially if i fail, they win but he also said this -- >> if the election is a referendum on are people satisfied with the economy the way it currently is, we're not going to do well. everybody feels the economy needs to do better than it's been doing. >> that's the most important
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thing he said. in the interview with abc, it was more important than the entire speech in ohio because that little soundbite right there, are you kidding me? the president of the united states is saying if the midterm elections are a referendum on the economy, then they're in trouble. what else would this election be about? i mean, this election is about the economy, the latest polls show that 92% of americans say the economy is not doing well. hello, mr. president. news flash. this is a problem for your party in november. >> when you bring up john boehner's name and want to make him the face of the republican party, you're elevating the minority leader many of which outside of ohio don't know much about john boehner. even john boehner saying why are you bringing me up? if that's what you want, that's what we can play. what's interesting about what the president had to say yesterday, how many democrats don't agree with him. he's saying this is what will turn around the economy. $50 billion worth of infrastructure spending. senator bayh, senator conrad and
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congressman -- a few democratic congressmen have come out and said don't hook me up on the yes column agreeing with the president. we don't want any of this. you have to vilify a huge portion of your own party. >> he also keeps saying and we heard this yesterday twice from a couple of democrats who were on this program, where the republicans have made no suggestion on how to fix it. and in fact, yesterday, i think it was on twitter, eric cantor who is one of the top republicans in the house. >> was it 140 characters or less? >> he's one character. in the house and he said essentially the president must have misspoken yesterday because i personally have sat across the table from him and suggested specific ways to cut spending and he goes on to talk about the you cut program that has offered $120 billion in spending cuts by republicans and talked a little bit about paul ryan's cut spending now package which has specific cuts that could save $1.3 trillion. so for the president to say the republicans have no ideas, that
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simply is not true. >> here's my question of the morning. so if you have these democrats who now are not going to be in favor of more spending, and also democrats who want tax cuts for everyone including the wealthy, then how does that work when it comes to congress? how does that work when it comes to congress? so let's say that congress does not vote in only the tax cuts for the middle class, that they say let's extend all of the bush tax cuts, then would the president have to veto that? i don't know that. >> the majority -- >> bring out the political science books. help me out on this. would the president have to veto, then, what congress might put through. that to me is the interesting question of the day and i don't know enough about political sciences of how that might work. >> i would like to answer your question of the day and bring up something that bernie goldberg if that's possible. i like to agree with bernie goldberg postulated last night. he said it's about the economy but said it's about the president doing what he wants, not what the american people
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wants. he expands. >> it's my strong hunch that this year, while the economy certainly is the number one issue, no question about that, it's not -- this time around, it's not just the economy stupid as the saying goes. people don't like being called names. they just don't. so if you're against the mosque, the left has been telling us that it's because -- if you're against the mosque in that location, it's because we're hateers and bigots who don't like muslims. if we've had it with illegal immigration and we think arizona is on the right track, that's because we're bigots who don't like hispanics. if we disagree with barack obama on anything domestic or foreign, well, there's a good chance that's because he's a black president and we're racists. i don't think people like that! individuals don't like to be called names and to be slandered. why would a big group of people,
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the voters like it anymore? >> it comes on the hands of a brand new "washington post"/abc poll showing that most americans are opposed to building that mosque 620 feet from the ground zero area. here it is, first of all, do you think the mosque should be built at the ground zero location? 66, 2/3 say it should not. extraordinarily only 5% had no opinion. >> and the imam, of course, spoke out the first time since returning back to the u.s. from his state department funded trip to the middle east. he said some very interesting things last night in the interview. one of the most important things was that he claims that if this mosque is not built in that exact location, that there will be repercussions from the radical part of islam in this world. in other words, they will then attack us if we don't build a mosque in that exact location, are you kidding me? >> if we move from that
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location, the story will be that the radicals have taken over the discourse. the headlines in the muslim world will be that islam is under attack. if we don't do this right, anger will explode in the muslim world. >> now, bin laden will get really mad. that will really change him. but he also -- >> is he calling the guys who go to those protests down there in the hard hats? he's calling them radicals? >> yes, he says radicals on both sides win. as if people who protest against it have, you know, peacefully, i don't really know much violence going on down there who have stood up against it and said i'm not comfortable with it from the victims' families to 70% of this country, most are very liberal new york don't want to build, he's lumping them all together. radicals on both sides. >> the problem with that is when you think about september 11th, the radicals are the ones who flew the airplanes into the
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building. >> i think that this interview, i think this is going to -- i think there's going to be a tremendous backlash from this interview. i think people who have supported the mosque being built there, when they hear this, when they hear that statement that if you move it to any other location, that we might be attacked, that we might inspire the radicals to suddenly get off their seats and come after america even more? i think those people are going to change their mind about this location. >> also backed off of this total transparency on all those who would give money of the $100 million he uses. in the follow-up question, if someone gave money to hamas and wanted to give money to your mosque, your mosque, would you turn it down? first says, you know what? i'm more visionary and not really involved in the financing of it. but this -- the chief funder who is egyptian born, this elzanadi whose name i always mispronounce unless gretchen is next to me on television. you know what? i've had it with the pressure
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and i've had it with the pressure it put on me and my background. i might call an audible here. here's my quote. he says develop it, raise it, sell it. if someone wants to give me $18 to $20 million, it's all theirs which is not a big stretch because kevin goldick is a developer and already offered $18 million for the building. >> that was in 2007 before the market crashed. i don't know if he would get that kind of money today. at least he's hedging. now you have at least one of the guys putting up a bunch of cash saying not so sure that i want to continue on with this project. >> it's been a huge catastrophe. that would be one huge fly in the ointment, one of the properties is owned by con ed. they have to get them to sign off on the buyer as well. >> we're spending $75,000 more per student but the performance not improving one bit. why? the answer about public education next. >> good. then joe biden doing what
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president obama would not. thanking president bush? huh? >> we disagreed on policy but you deserve a lot of credit, mr. president. >> what else the vice president had to say on that guy's show. >> straight ahead on our show. fiber one chewy bar. how'd you do that? do what? you made it taste like chocolate. it has 35% of your daily value of fiber. tasty fiber, that's a good one! ok, her mind. [ male nouncer ] fiber one chewy bars. with the most customized piece of furniture you will ever own. get that one piece right and the rest of the room will just fall into place. see your ethan allen design center
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>> brian, remember a couple of weeks ago when the obama administration wanted to pass that bill or add more money to keep firefighters or teachers on the payroll. andrew coulson is the director of the cato center, on public freedom.
6:16 am
he wanted to find out whether that money was going to a good cause. >> good morning. >> give us the lowdown. i was stunned by the stats about how much more we're spending per student in public schools across the nation now compared to maybe 20, 30 years ago. has it done any good? >> yeah, it's pretty incredible. if you look at how much it costs to send a kid through a whole k-12 education, if they graduated in 1980, it was $75,000. adjusting for inflation, that's last year's dollars. today, it costs $150,000 for that same education. it really is the same education because kids are not learning anymore today. test scores have been flat that entire time. and yeah, we can't really afford that anymore. >> so people think on the surface, spend more money, get better grades, have better results. that's not what you're finding. you really feel as though this -- this employment boom when it comes to teachers has been, if anything, counterproductive? >> oh, yeah. it's a huge burden on kids. basically, over the last 40
6:17 am
years, employment in public schools in the public school system has grown 10 times faster than enrollment. so we had this explosion of hiring. and sure, if kids were learning a lot more, we'd be pretty happy about it but they're not! so we've got this $three million new jobs in the public schools that haven't done anything for kids' learning and that are costing us literally billions of dollars. hundreds of billions of dollars every year and, you know, right now, we can't afford that. we're borrowing that money from china. and the people who are going to pay for it are the kids that we're still doing a lousy job educating. >> right. we're talking about the $13 trillion we currently have in debt. you get it, right? the marketing of this is so sensitive because when the president or the secretary of education comes forward and says we have to save the teachers, it's for our kids. i mean, come on. that pulls at the heartstrings of all the parents unless they know your stats. >> heck, i feel bad about the teachers. what have we done to these
6:18 am
people employing them in a system where we're not taking advantage of their services? they're warehousing millions of people in jobs that are not contributing to kids' education and that are not contributing to the u.s. economy. those people could be in jobs that are adding value to the u.s. economy. and we really need them to be adding value to the u.s. economy right now. >> so you end with saying, you know, losing a job is a terrible experience. but so far, the hiring has been disconnected from enrollment levels and unaccompanied by any educational improvement. so your conclusions are strong and concise. let's see if people will listen as we try to get budgets and balance them state by state. thank you very much. >> thanks very much. happy to be on. >> congress wants to promote green energy by mandating what kind of light bulb wez use in our homes? even if it sends american jobs overseas? stuart varney weighs in after the break. >> subscriptions are down. so "playboy" has a plan to go after tv viewers instead. pay attention, people! details on the mag's steamy new
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all right. quick headlines for you. glad you're finally up. in two hours, the labor department releasing the weekly unemployment claims expected to drop 472,000 to 470,000 claims. and later today, a special committee will reveal the locations of one of iran's secret nuclear sites including specific details on the country's progress with nuclear experiments. >> the democrats push for green
6:23 am
nrpg may not be such a bright idea after all. it could send hundreds of manufacturing jobs making light bulbs to china. >> that's right. >> stu varney is here to explain. >> what do you mean could send hundreds of jobs? >> they're gone! >> it is sending. right now, they are closing g.e.'s biggest light bulb manufacturing plant. the old-fashioned incandescent light bulbs like this little one, they're closing a big plant in virginia, 200 jobs, $30 an hour jobs. they're going to china. 2007, the democrat congress says we've got to save energy and save the planet. global warming is coming. so we've got to get rid of those old incandescent light bulbs and go to the next compact fluorescent lights, etc., etc., they are made in china. now you're seeing the results of it. >> those crazy little pigtail lights, the cfl's they want you to buy at home depot and stuff like that. we've heard such a big push from the manufacturers. you got to use these because they're good for the environment.
6:24 am
what's ironic, stuart, is the fact that u.s. scientists invented the cfl light and now what we've done is we've exported all the jobs to china! >> yes, these 200 jobs go straight to china. now, the president -- >> used to be a lot more. remember back in the days when the united states of america used to make stuff! now we don't make anything. >> right. manufacturing jobs down 40% since 1979. jobs like this one. now, the president is going around the country saying we got to have green energy jobs. >> that's what i was going to say. >> he wants 800,000 now green energy jobs by the year 2012. the moment he says it, we're shipping basically green energy jobs to china. >> what jobs is he talking about? >> the ones in china. >> no -- >> i mean, you get a fact check on the president's speech, he's not telling the truth? >> no, he's not telling -- it's all spin. there's another angle here. do you really want the government telling you what kind of light bulb you can have? >> not really. >> a lot of us don't like the
6:25 am
new light bulbs. light quality is awful. they contain mercury. very difficult to recycle these things and they're made in china. >> wait a minute, we may be more green but may be poisoning our kids with mercury. i don't get it. >> let's not get carried away. >> you should not be shipping jobs to china by mandate of the u.s. congress. >> of the u.s. congress. this is crazy stuff! and i'm tired of being pushed around! >> oh, my gosh. he's so hot under the collar today. >> it's 6:25 a.m. >> he's turning red. >> all right, 9:20 see you on the fox business network. i hope you settle down by then. maybe you won't! >> i hope so. >> it's a story we've been following closely. a nun killed by an illegal alien. update coming up next. joe biden credits president bush for something? >> we disagreed on policy and deserve a lot of credit, mr. president. >> why he's thanking president bush. we'll reveal that and the nfl regular season kicks off tonight with a little "thursday night football." super bowl champion live with
6:26 am
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>> president obama has introduced a $50 billion plan to rebuild the nation's infrastructure. now, let's think back, wasn't
6:30 am
-- remember the first $187 billion stimulus package. wasn't that what it was supposed to do. remember they told us about shovel ready jobs. remember that? remember that? whenever washington talks about shovel ready projects, get your shovel ready. ok? get your shovel ready, we're going to be shovelling! oh, yes. >> get your hip waders ready, too. it's deep. >> all right, 30 minutes before the top of the hour. another white house plan that will cost more than originally thought. health care, a new government report says reform will increase your health care cost, not reduce them. julie kirtz is in washington with the details. make this make sense, julie. >> i'll try. this new government report on the health care laws, bottom line, you know, likely to give both critics and backers ammunition this morning. forecast released today by medicare's office says the nation's health care spending will go up under obama's sweeping new law but not by a massive amount. it says the average annual growth in health care spending
6:31 am
will be and here comes the numbers, just .2 of 1 percentage point higher through the year 2019 with obama's remake and that includes more than 32 million uninsured people gaining coverage. to break it down, if you factor in the law, the overall cost of health care to the economy for each american will be an ov raj of $13,652 a year in 2019. without the law, the average would be $262 less. not a massive amount of difference according to this report. under this report, it found under president obama's overhaul, health care spending will grow to 20% of the economy in the next nine years even without the law guides, the government is becoming the dominant player and we know this in health care with federal, state and local government spending outranking private sources by next year. that's three years before the main provision of the health care law kicks in. did i make that clear? >> kind of.
6:32 am
>> we'll keep up with you later. but all we need to do is keep pushing the numbers up apparently. >> we know this program is going to unfold year after year after year, we'll be surprised, surprised, surprised. >> thank you very much for that live report from d.c. rest of your headlines on this thursday morning. more fallout from the deadly police shooting in los angeles. chief of the lapd getting an earful from angry protesters. if they were shouting in spanish and waving their fists at last night's community meeting in the neighborhood where a knife wielding immigrant was gunned down by police, after that meeting, the lapd faced a third straight night of protests. officers fired tear gas at rioters and made a number of arrests. >> mayor of a small town in northern mexico gunned down. apparently by one of the drug cartels that murdered six mayors so far this year. three in just the last month. this latest assassination went down just miles from where 72 migrants were massacred. seven gunmen arrested for that
6:33 am
attack now. secretary of state hillary clinton calling mexico's gang violence and insurgency and is promising more u.s. help to fight the drug traffickers. >> meanwhile, the illegal alien accused of killing a nun in a drunk driving crash now faces a felony murder charge. carlos montagno was first charged with involuntary manslaughter. the sister was killed in the august 1st crash last year. two other nuns were seriously injured. he had two d.u.i. convictions before this and now faces up to four years behind bars. >> vice president joe biden doing what his boss would not do. thanking former president george w. bush for his strategy in iraq? >> the administration has got some critique, some criticism from me and my conservative friends that you have not given enough credit to president bush. would you like to take this opportunity right now to look over there and say thank you. >> mr. president, thank you. you've honoured these guys, you've honored these women, you've honored these troops and
6:34 am
i've known you your entire eight years of president. i've ever known a time where you didn't care about what happened. we disagreed on policy but you deserve a lot of credit, mr. president. >> wow! most military experts say the surge turned the war around three years ago. >> meanwhile, let's take a look at some weather on this thursday morning. here's a satellite image of tropical storm igor, latest named atlantic storm. that's western africa you see beyond igor's pinwheel to the right. it has maximum sustained winds, 40 miles an hour. later today, it should start moving to the west-northwest. and tomorrow, it's probably going to start gaining strength. it's too early to tell whether or not it will generate itself into a hurricane here in the u.s.a. meanwhile, you can see some widely scattered showers moving through the ozarks up through the mississippi and missouri valley right now. a little shower activity down in south florida. quick look at the fox travelcast. >> and speaking of florida, taking a live look right now of
6:35 am
the space shuttle discovery at the kennedy space center. it's rolling over from its processing hangar to the vehicle assembly building. the move was supposed to happen yesterday but a water main break at the center delayed that move. the shuttle is scheduled for its final launch to the international space station. that will take place on november 1st. all right. brian, what are you up to? >> none of your business, gretch. i'll tell you. let's talk a little football. 2010 nfl season kicks off tonight in a rematch. can you believe this? thursday night football of last year's nfc championship game between the minnesota vikings and new orleans saints. remember the saints won? former super bowl champ new york giants all time wide receiver armani toomer is here. second year in retirement. you look like you're 25 years old and you could play in the rest of the nfl teams. it's a rematch. the vikings, it's been a long summer and winter for them.
6:36 am
>> yeah. i think with favre babblinck, il be great. >> how old are you? >> i'm 36. >> can you imagine playing at 40? bret favre, don't you think he's shot this year, this is the year he gets old? >> yeah, but he's a quarterback. they don't do much. >> that's what i was going to say. they don't do much. that's the guy that doesn't need a quarterback, that's what that is. here is what people say. the saints were not that good at stopping the run. adrian peterson is the best runningback in the league. they've done nothing to improve. >> i agree. i think that was a major point of emphasis that why -- why they had so much success against the saints defense and i think that with -- with adrian peterson, with his newfound ball holding skills, he could go crazy. >> try to hold on to it. dave matthews and taylor swift will play before the game. that probably won't have an effect on players. >> it might. >> reggie bush, i can't believe this. the 2005 heisman trophy winner because of things he did with a would be agent/manager is going to have the heisman trophy
6:37 am
stripped from him. how do you feel about that? while o.j. simpson still gets to keep his? >> yeah, i don't really agree with that. the fact that he has the experience, he has the trophy and all the pictures and all that stuff. he won the heisman. you can't take that away from him of you can't take away his experiences. it probably doesn't matter that much to him. >> they take it away, he's on the kardashians when he used to date one of them, they take it away. should they give it to the runner-up that is vince young five years later? >> i think they could. it's still not the same. you don't have the speech. you don't have the whole, you know, the real experience of it, it's kind of like not a very -- not going to mean that much. >> there is a lot of talk in the nfl about health, concussions, that every year you play, you lose a year of your life because this sport is such a brutal sport, collision sport. how do you feel about the look with the concussions? more technology on the helmets. do you need this?
6:38 am
>> i don't think they need more technology. they need the helmets they currently have fit right. you see eli manning, his helmet gets knocked off, that helmet is not fitting right. i think the fact that they're not strapping them up as tight as they need to. >> right. what about these kids? it turns out the concussions have doubled for 13 -- 8 to 13-year-olds as well as 14 to 19-year-olds. what's going on? >> i don't know. i mean, how -- there was no baseline before. so how do they say they're double sng>> lot of kids say, you know what, maybe they were told shake it off, walk it off and now people are saying wait a second, you have a headache. sit down. let's record this. you have decided at the age of 36 years old to do something most people do in the prime of their life. to run a marathon and timex is sponsoring it. why? >> ever since i got done playing, i haven't had the same kind of, you know, drive to work out and all this stuff. i ended up putting on 30 pounds so i decided to run the new york city marathon with timex, of
6:39 am
course, being the sponsor for the new york road runners youth program. >> so to get kids running and into shape in this age of sadly obesity. >> yeah. i mean, i think the fact that, you know, there's obesity and i think to give kids a chance to have after school programs, something that i've been consistent with my whole career. i have a foundation that i wanted to -- that i, you know, did after school programs and gave a lot of money to it and, you know, for me to get from -- i only ran a 5k before but going from a 5k to a marathon, you know, i have a personal trainer. that's helping me out and i also use the, you know, some of the equipment that timex will give me and that's kind of what really is helping me in making it more fun for me to run. >> are you predicting a victory in the marathon? >> not a victory but i think the fact that, you know, you can follow on my progress by -- on facebook at the time at sports page and i write on there, my
6:40 am
coach writes on there and all this good stuff. >> all right, now that you're retired, i wouldn't be surprised if we hang out a lot more. >> we should. >> that would be extremely exciting. i wouldn't be surprised. i call and get his voice mail. but tell me what's coming up, gretch? >> all right. keep me posted on how many times you go to lunch. ok. the government has just named another star but this person's job will involve watching over one specific species of fish. what? do we need the new asian carp czar. that debate is next. i didn't mean to laugh. subscriptions are down. "playboy" has a plan to go after tv viewers instead. details on the new series coming up. but first the quote of the day, who said this? ♪ express yourself
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>> 44 past the top of the hour, couple of quick headlines for you. detroit firefighters dealing with hot spots where wind driven flames destroyed or badly damaged 85 structures. arson suspected in some but most flames under power wires. it's premiered a new action series featuring everything from women to diving in shark infested waters to bungee jumping off bridges. of course, all in their birthday suits. you got to get the attention. steve? >> got it. meanwhile, while you weren't looking, the white house has named another tsar. that's right, he has been named to oversee $80 million to stop the growing asian carp fish population in the great lakes. so does the white house really need a fish czar?
6:45 am
joining us is bob beckle is professor of advanced political studies at george washington university and conservative columnist, both are fox news contributors. good morning to both of you. >> hello, steve. >> andrea, $80 million for a fish czar. by our count, we're up to 41 czars. do we need this many czar? >> well, i don't wanted to diminish the seriousness of this asian carp problem. it's very, very extreme. the great lakes region should be concerned about this. but i think adding another czar does beg the question, is this too much overkill for the obama administration? he already has an alphabet soup of agencies from noaa to the e.p.a., there's even a white house office of environmental quality. why can't one of those heads manage this problem and be his point person? do we really need more money spent and i would say this looks a bit reckless on the heaels ofa speech he gave yesterday saying he's committed to fiscal responsibility. another layer of bureaucracy
6:46 am
from this administration when it's not needed. >> we should be told the asian carp has been causing problems since it was imported into the united states back in the 1970's for wastewater plants, they had to keep their ponds clean and there was flooding in mississippi. next thing you know, there was the rivers and one was spotted six miles away from lake michigan. they don't want the big things. they get to be about 100 pounds in lake michigan. your turn? >> first of all, let me say it's nice to see this hour of the day. i'm want used to it. secondly, and it's nice to be back on "fox & friends", of course. although the third hour would be better than the first. and let me say this, i know why you're asking this question. i mean, it's obvious. and i've had to defend obama now for the last three or four months. i felt like the only fire hydrant at the westminister dog show. take it easy on me. >> back to the fish czar. why do we need this fish czar, bob? >> i thought i'd get by the whole thing with just a wrap
6:47 am
here. >> i noticed. >> listen, i give andrea credit for saying this. you know, it's funny, until you're a fisherman or depend on that fish out of lake michigan or the great lakes for fish. i mean, this is an important thing. one of the things we've got to learn here, i've said this for years, the chinese are the greatest enemy of the united states in the long term. we keep importing this stuff and you end up with things like this unintended consequences. well, there's a lot of people that will be out of work because of this. it's not funny. it's going to cost more than $80 million. >> the chinese have been eating these things for 1,000 years but andrea, i understand you feel this is not needed because the states around the vicinity of the asian carp problem are already dealing with it. >> yeah, the states are dealing with it, like i said, the federal government is dealing with it. there's money that's been appropriated to deal with this. again, i think it just begs the question when barack obama appoints another czar. czar is almost a dirty word at this point. can't the states deal with it? they can deal with it more efficiently? the real question is these carp
6:48 am
eat everything in sight. i think obama is really the asian carp eating away at our budget. >> bob? >> that was a really good one. yeah, i got that. i got that point. the -- look, let me just -- let me just say that the states around the great lakes are not in the best economic situation. so therefore, they probably can't afford any of this and the other thing i would say is that czar may not be the right word but the reality is the reality and a lot of people are being heard and they need some help and they ought to get it. once again, here's the difference between a right winger and left winger, you don't think there should be any government involvement? >> that's not true. i think it's very serious and the government can get involved. government is involved. >> ladies and gentlemen, the whole point is whether or not we actually need this many czars. all right. andrea, thank you very much. bob, mr. hydrant, thank you very much for joining us from our nation's capital. >> and thank you for joining us. >> you betcha.
6:49 am
she was written off during her father's campaign because of her mouth? megan mccain here live with reaction at the top of the hour. then take a look outside on our plaza. that's a pastor on an elliptical machine and that's exactly how preaches to his congregation. find out why and who that guy is straight ahead as we walk on on this thursday morning. [ female announcer ] there's complete.
6:50 am
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6:52 am
>> all right, now for the quote of the day. katie holmes said it. steve told us later, earlier what it was. and the winner is lisa from raleigh, north carolina. >> gretch, go outside. >> you're not going to believe what i'm doing out here. i'm on an elliptical so everything we know in texas is
6:53 am
bigger, right? when "men's health" magazine named corpus christi the fattest city in america, one of the town's well known pastors, this guy, decided to fight back. pastor bill cornelius is here to show us how he's going to inspire his followers from losing weight from the altar. >> good morning. >> you got on an elliptical machine in the pulpit. >> that's right. >> we removed the pulpit and put the elliptical out there. with the release of my book it's all about change. we wanted to in the same way this book is a tool for change. so is an elliptical. precore and fitness show room took us the elliptical but this elliptical represents change. and that's all that really is. if you get on it, it's a tool for change so in the same way, everybody wants to change. we need a tool to be able to do that. >> so reason you decided to preach from the pulpit on the elliptical machine is your city, corp corpus christi was named the fattest city in america. you decided to try to challenge your parishioners to take better care of their bodies.
6:54 am
how does that anything to do with faith? >> we believe it has everything to do with faith. how we take care of our bodies is a sign of how we're taking care of our souls. we're one package. it all comes together. if we're not taking care of our bodies, we're probably not take care of our life. we're not taking care of the vision that each one of us have given us as individuals to fulfill our life. >> you know what i love about this segment, i don't have to go to the gym after work today. i'm working out right here with the pastor. so you did six sermons on the elliptical. >> yes. >> tell me about how that was. did you have notes in front of you? right now, you know, when you work out, you can't -- you can read, i guess, a little bit. hard to look at your notes. how did you do it? >> most challenging part is talking while you were on the elliptical. that was a challenge. it's also good. i want people to see it involves sweat. we don't realize it's going to cost you something. there was a price to pay for it. so i wanted the price to be paid so the people saw it was worth change. >> you were on like level 10? >> no. >> no, more like 3 or 4 during
6:55 am
services. >> and the feedback from your parishioners? >> it was great. me and the mayor put a challenge out to our whole city this week that we want to gear the whole city to change so we don't make that list again. >> the book is "i dare you to change." pastor, what a very inspirational and different idea. thanks for being our guest. >> thank you. >> startling comments from hillary clinton. she says our debt is "national security threat." why is she taking a swing at president obama? dick morris who worked for the clintons has a theory. photos of the titanic never seen before until now. "fox & friends" exclusive next hour. all right, let's go for it! vo: what is the good egg project?
6:56 am
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>> good morning, everyone. hope you're having a great thursday so far. it's september 9, 2010. thanks for sharing your time with us. showdown over your money. president obama wants to spend more and house minority leader john boehner doesn't. the war of words is reaching an all time new level. >> and stunning comments from hillary clinton. she's secretary of state. she says our debt is a national security threat. why is she taking a swing at president obama? dick morris who worked for the clintons, i understand, has an idea. >> he does. and when john mccain picked sarah palin as his running mate, megan mccain cried. megan mccain is live in our studio and join us in about two minutes to explain why. because "fox & friends" for thursday starts now. >> i'll call you great americans this morning.
7:00 am
>> thank you very much. >> that's megan's dad, senator john mccain. >> before he called us jerks. >> he did call us jerks. >> in jest. >> we hope. >> i wouldn't get mad at you guys. >> it was definitely in jest. we want to get to your headlines. megan will be around the corner in a couple of minutes. begin with the fox news alert this morning. four suspected terrorists have escaped from a prison in baghdad. u.s. and iraqi officials confirming the breakout. all four men had ties to al-qaida and were facing the death penalty. they were being held in the u.s.-controlled portion of the prison, only one still under u.s. military control. brand new video into the fox newsroom from southern russia. a powerful bomb ripped through a market leaving at least 15 people dead. more than 100 others are hurt. the country is fighting an islamic insurgency across this muslim dominated north region. let's go off to texas and take a look at the video. this is out of austin, texas. a dog rescued by firefighters after rising floodwaters forced
7:01 am
people and pets to find higher ground were the remnants of the tropical storm hermine, well, they're being blamed now for two deaths. they're forcing more than 100 high water rescues and some amazing video out of oklahoma as well where at least three tornadoes were reported. homes were damaged. power lines knocked down because of the heavy winds and the rain. a coffee alert this morning. big changes, make this tall changes at the starbucks drivethrough. 12 ounce tall drink erased from the menus that will only offer the bigger more expensive grande and venti drinks. is this a coffee conspiracy to make customers spend more bucks? they say no, you can still make those tall orders. really? if you were like a starbucks know it all and you know the tall is still available. you can order it but it's not on the menu? >> look, why don't they call it a small, medium large rather than a tall, venti.
7:02 am
>> when you get your pumpkin lattes. >> i say medium pumpkin spice latte. >> we're joined by the daughter of john mccain, megan mccain has a brand new book out "dirty, sexy politics." what kind of coffee do you like in the morning? >> venti iced latte. i love coffee. >> love the jolt. great to have you. let's talk about what's going on in the news. first up, take a listen to hillary clinton yesterday talking about how our big debt is a national security threat. listen. >> our rising debt levels poses a national security threat. and it poses a national security threat in two ways. it undermines our capacity to act. in our own interests. and it does constrain us where constraint may be undesirable and it also sends a message of weakness internationally. >> wait a minute, it sounds like
7:03 am
she's taking a swing at her own boss. >> yeah, i mean, i think everyone thinks this is surprising. i'm glad that she is sort of feels the way i feel. is she running for 2012? i have no idea. i don't know if this is an indicator. >> i will say this. if you look at the g.d.p. in relation to debt, president obama has added more to the debt then everyone from george washington combined up to ronald reagan. so if she's concerned about the debt, and she's really talking about president obama. >> yeah. she's clearly talking about president obama. and i agree that it is a national security threat so hillary clinton and i agree on something! >> ok, good. >> halleleujah, i don't know. >> in the book, i think you would agree on the double standard about women in politics as well. that might be the second thing you agree on. but let's listen to dick morris because he, of course, used to work for the clintons much here's what he told bill o'reilly last night about that national security and debt statement that hillary clinton made. >> no accident, it's -- nothing she does is an accident.
7:04 am
this, i believe, is the opening shot, the first shot in the democratic primary of 2012. that's not to say it's certain that she'll run but it is to say that she's moving in that direction. >> i guess the whole thought process being here, megan, that many people see hillary clinton as more of a moderate democrat. and now maybe many people in the american public are saying wow, we thought president obama was that but now maybe we don't think so. >> yeah, i agree. and also, i saw that interview and a lot of people have this thought process that nothing the clintons do is ever uncalculated. maybe it is an indicator. it can be true. i don't know. i think everybody is frustrated with the obama administration. interesting someone in his cabinet is but i think everyone is. >> you know what's amazing, we sat on this couch and we remember when hillary clinton and your dad went over to baghdad together and evidently, they get along great unless you want to tell me something different. it looked as though for the longest time it would be senator clinton against senator mccain.
7:05 am
was that the thought in your family? >> yeah. for a long time. i think it was a thought for everyone. i was surprised of how things went down during the primaries honestly. >> how will it have changed in your mind if it was senator clinton against senator mccain, do you think the tone would have been different? >> maybe, i don't know. clintons aren't known for running nice campaigns. you can only speculate. i don't know. it's not like necessarily been better than obama. but i would have loved to have seen what it would be like with sarah and hillary sort of up against each other in that sense. i'm all for women in politics even if i disagree with them. >> steve is against women in politics. >> one thing about politics, sometimes there's a lot of name calling. there was a lot of name calling yesterday when the president of the united states was out at the community college talking about he has another great plan to fix things up. here's the president facing off against john boehner who he called out eight times yesterday. >> there were no new policies
7:06 am
from mr. boehner. there were no new ideas. there was just the same philosophy that we had already tried during the decade they were in power. the same philosophy that led to this mess in the first place. >> what i will do is help small businesses who have no clue what the coming tax rates are going to be. gives them some certainty and if we're able to do this together, i think we'll show the american people that we understand what's going on in the country and we'll be able to get our economy moving again and get jobs growing in america. >> that's what people want, megan. they want jobs and the president and his men and women over the last couple of weeks have said, look, we're doing the best we can. the republicans in the meantime are the party that they don't have any -- in fact, boehner yesterday and also eric cantor came out and said, look, we've been giving them a bunch of ideas. we've sat across the table and given them specific ideas of how to cut the money. so that simply is not true, mr. president. >> yeah, and i'm just fascinated
7:07 am
why he's all of a sudden so obsessed with boehner. is he trying to make him the most famous man in america? it reminds me of like when a girlfriend is obsessing over a guy and talks about him all the time. she's obsessed with him all of a sudden, people are texting me, what's with the boehner stuff? he must feel threatened on some level if he keeps bringing it up eight times. >> secretly, he would love to invite john boehner over basketball but he doesn't know how to say it. so he lashes out. >> one of the things you talk about in "dirty sexy politics" is your concern about the republican party and its acceptance of moderates within the republican party because you consider yourself to be a moderate within that party. >> uh-huh. >> expound on that a little bit with regard to what we're going to see coming into the midterms. >> i just -- in reference to the midterm election? >> yes. >> just in general about the republican party. i mean, so many of the polls are saying that the republicans are going to have this huge sweep but you have concerns about the republican party. >> i just have concerns if it becomes extremely far right what we're going to do about the
7:08 am
youth vote and i know from me, this book is so personal on so many levels. my experience in politics, the second i started speaking out, it's megan mccain is a size 12 and too fat to talk. i worry about inspiring women to become involved in politics and you see the way sarah palin is treated and see the way hillary clinton is treated, we're not inspiring young girls to get involved in the process. why would you if this is what you're subjected to? >> i think it was a day before yesterday, you were being interviewed about the book and utsd that when you discovered that your father had selected governor sarah palin as his running mate, you cried. >> yeah, it wasn't because it was sarah palin, it was because i found out an hour beforehand and i was googling it on the way there. it was a very emotional day. i didn't find out and i was rushed on a bus and they were like this is your new running mate, say hi. i was 23. and i was just crying. >> because you weren't in the loop, because -- >> because i wasn't in the loop. it had nothing to do it was sarah. >> it's reported -- it was reported that you were upset by it. you felt as though she would eventually take over your
7:09 am
campaign. i do remember you being kind of happy that she first joined, she seemed to bring an energy to the campaign. what made you switch to how you viewed her? >> during the campaign, i respected all the momentum and enthusiasm she brought to the campaign. post the election, i just questioned some of her decisions that aren't overly presidential if she wants to run for president. but she can be whatever leader she wants to be and she's clearly making certain choices and, you know, it's her life to have and her leadership to have and wouldn't be my choices but whatever. >> you talk a lot about her in the book. and the final conclusion you make, though, is this -- my dad got 48 million votes. that's not an embarrassment but it wasn't enough to win. did he lose because of sarah palin? did obama win because of joe biden? no. obama was unbeatable in my opinion. i believe that my father's running mate while she changed so many things about the race had no bearing on the outcome of the election. >> exactly.
7:10 am
and that's where i think sexism becomes involved. if she were a man, would people being put blame on her? i have frustration with people in the media stereotyping women. i don't think he lost because of her at all. anyone that was there on any level saw how big the crowds got after she came. her enthusiasm and the way she inspires people is undeniable on any level. >> this is important because the characterization that's been made is you were upset by the way the drama of the palins took over and overwhelmed the campaign and overwhelmed your dad. that's not how you feel? >> this is drama -- this book is like the story of my experience and there was drama, i'm sure there was so much drama in the obama campaign as well. it's very well documented the sort of complications that came between my father's campaign manager and sarah. i was there the entire time. this is my story. you know, but i think there's drama on any campaign. anywhere. >> so -- >> and again, i think to place her because she's a woman is unfair. >> when your father needed help in arizona with his campaign that he's running right now,
7:11 am
governor sarah palin helped his out. >> endorsed him over the moron tea party candidate. j j.d. hayworth. he ran on the moron ticket. >> megan speaks from the heart. she says it like it is and we're going to talk more about her book coming up in the next block as well as this. also ahead, the imam behind the park 51 finally speaking out. he says move forward with the mosque near ground zero or we could face certain violence here? >> then, restaurants making a new rule. parents, if your kids are screaming, no food for you! you think that's a good idea? e-mail us right now, friends at we'll share the findings in a couple of minutes right here on america's favorite morning cable news show.
7:12 am
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7:15 am
>> in a brand new tell all book, megan mccain pulls the curtain back on her father's failed bid for the presidency in 2008. we're back with megan mccain, author of the book "dirty, sexy politics." one of the themes of the book, entertaining quick read. it's 195 pages, right? you did that on purpose, by the way, one of the themes to me was that you felt so much like an outcast within your own family. >> uh-huh. >> for that matter in this political campaign. you were on the third plane and on the third bus. why was that? >> i don't know. i think if i were a man, if i was one of my brothers, there probably wouldn't be the sort of reaction to me that there was. i think it's unbelievably sexist that because i was a woman and spoke my mind and sort of want to just go along and do nothing, i was an outcast on my father's campaign. it's the way it happens. and it's a learning experience and i feel like i came of age. >> one of the things that got you in trouble was your outspoken mouth. >> yes.
7:16 am
>> you had two personalities. you had megan mccain and you had maggie mac. >> that's when i go on stage and i get really nervous. i'm a little claustrophobic, it would be sort of the internal strength. that's actually a nickname a blogger gave me that everybody calls me that now. so i use that in the book. >> you say actually in the book, correct me if i'm wrong, you would have rather had your father pick joe lieberman as his running mate? >> i would have originally and then it was sort of who i expected him or romney. i love joe lieberman. he's like an uncle to me. i knew him better. >> other thing that struck me as interesting is you never critique your father at all during this book. you talk a lot about things that were on your mind at the time but don't analyze how you felt he did in the debates or how you felt you did -- you talk about the town hall meeting being his forte, why didn't you get into more, you know, critiquing his performance? >> because i think he did the best that he could.
7:17 am
i was always proud of him. i thought whenever he debated, i'm very biased opinion, but this book is about me also. you can read 10,000 books right now. game change came out which did very well about the election and, you don't necessarily need my analysis of his performance during debates. >> did you leave anything out of this book? >> yes. a lot. >> uh-oh. >> what was on the cutting room floor? >> stuff that was maybe necessarily meaner to some of the staff. writing it, i had to come to terms with the fact that this wasn't about me. even they this is my story, everybody was doing the best they can during an unbelievably stressful situation. i had ended up being nicer than anticipated. it's not really a tell all book. this was a labor of love and i see it as my love story with the republican party. so -- >> cathartic in a way. before you go, i have to get your opinions in 2012. who would you be behind? >> romney. >> you would be? >> you do criticize him in this book. >> i do. and times change. i was 22 at the time when all
7:18 am
that stuff was happening and he was my father's opponent and, you know, i really want someone who is more big time and i think he could be the person. >> and the future for megan mccain? >> i don't know. going to get a bagel after this. i don't know. >> all right. put some cream cheese on it, i guess. megan mccain has written "dirty, sexy politics" it's a quick, fun read. great to see you again. >> thank you so much. >> coming up on the show, men develop memory problems faster than women? our medical a team is next with that explanation. and then wasn't the health care overhaul supposed to save us money? remember that? it wasn't going to cost you one dime more! a new government study says nope, that's wrong now. it is going to cost you. break out the calculator. [ female announcer ] it starts with you falling in love
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see your ethan allen design center vo: it's america's egg farmers who feed millions in need... vo:'s families who are active in their communities... ...and it's kids who learn the value of nritious foods. clint hickman: go to to learn more.
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7:22 am
>> obesity is a problem here in the united states and as it turns out, the obesity epidemic in america may lead all the way back to the womb. a new study claims that excessive weight gain by mothers during pregnancy may contribute to obesity in children so does that mean it's not genetics? we're joined by our medical a team doctors, manny alvarez and sunari koomer. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> we could be predisposed? >> well, look at me, i was a 10 pound baby. the study proves true. no, look, we have an issue with pregnant women gaining too much weight. typically in the ole days, you know, used to be a cliche, gain 25 to 30 pounds. nowadays, most doctors will agree that if you are overweight, you do not need to gain excessive amounts of weight in your pregnancy. maybe 15 pounds is good enough. 20 pounds is good enough. you have to look at your b.m.i. because when -- the more weight you gain and if you gain, you know, i have women that have
7:23 am
gained 60, 70, 80 pounds during one single pregnancy. of course, that lends itself to have babies that are, you know, whatever, 9, 10 pounds. start with a baby that's 10 or 11 pounds, then bingo, those kids may be predisposed to childhood obesity. >> we have a graphic that shows the recommended weight gain by people in your business who know. so they say that if you have a b.m.i. of 18.5 or lower, you could gain 28 to 40 pounds. for normal weight women, 25 to 35 pounds. for overweight women, 15 to 25 pounds and then for obese women, 10 to 11 -- >> hey! >> oh, my gosh! >> not making any -- >> oh, my god. >> no. all this comes back to the moms, what can i say? there definitely is something to the study because you'll often see it where you see an overweight woman and a thin husband or vice versa and yet
7:24 am
the child tends to be prone to obesity. if you look back and look at women that have gained a tremendous amount of weight, they consistently have children that are more obese. they have bigger babies and put those children at risk for diabetes as well and they are at risk for gestational diabetes and high blood pressure. you want to moderate your weight gain. >> can i ask you a personal question? >> yes. do you find that your husband sometimes doesn't appear to be listening to you? >> because maybe it's not -- he's not listening to you. >> i can't answer that! >> maybe your husband has a problem with memory loss. and there's another report out that shows that memory loss may actually be worse in guys than gals? >> it's not shocking to me, this report. >> the report is not shocking that men suffer more from mild cognitive impairment than women do actually but in all seriousness, actually, they are finding that there are -- there is a significant difference between it and it comes down to memory as well as thinking skills as they age. and they also find that this may be -- may be an early sign of
7:25 am
potentially going into alzheimer's. >> you're calling me stupid, aren't you? >> sure. only mildly. >> that's right. that's right. it's true, though. >> why do they think it could be guys, you know, 1.5%. >> i don't know. well, you know, listen, guys live -- look, i'm gonna die sooner than my wife. for the statistically when you look at the statistics so maybe, you know, heart disease, maybe too many plaques in my brain. who knows? that's ok. i'll be happy, though. >> sunday night, we're going to be tube side because the fox news is broadcasting a special on cancer and winning the fight against it. >> right. this is a great special that we did which is going to air on sunday at 3:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. eastern here on fox newschannel. and basically, i think that this is a -- the most comprehensive analysis of how indeed we are winning the war on cancer and all the latest discoveries and,
7:26 am
of course, dr. c has great stories, too. >> yeah, no. it's a great special the producers especially have put together a great show. >> would you like to see a clip? >> sure. >> good. here's a little bit. >> it is scary. it is challenging. it is threatening. >> used to have a big reason right here on the side. >> it absolutely changes a person's life when they receive that diagnosis. >> my leg was swelling up so bad because of the tumors, i wasn't able to barely walk. i mean, it was so painful. >> having to tell my children was very, very difficult. it's your worst nightmare. >> indeed. so folks can watch that sunday 3:00 eastern and then at 9:00 right here on the fox newschannel. all right, dr. alvarez, dr. c, thank you very much for joining us live. >> thank you. >> out we go to gretchen and brian who are outdoors by brian's tour bus. >> yeah. right there. in fact, move it out! move it out!
7:27 am
ok. >> i didn't know you were going. >> yeah. >> meet you down the block! >> ok. in the meantime, i need to tell folks if you're leaving, what's coming up. imam behind the mosque at ground zero is finally speaking out. he said move forward with a ground zero mosque or face difficulties. >> titanic from 2,000 feet under the sea. it's a "fox & friends" exclusive. then -- >> new rules at this restaurant. parents, if your kids are screaming and crying and creating problems, no eats for you. that's right! no food! is that fair? [ male announcer ] let's throw down some style.
7:28 am
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7:31 am
[ engine revving ] cadillac. [ engine revs ] the new standard of the world. >> well, another white house plan that will cost more than originally thought. and this time, we're talking again about health care. new government report says that reform will increase your health care costs, not reduce them. >> oops. >> julie kirtz is on this story from washington for us with all the details. hey, julie. >> hi, guys. there are a lot of numbers in this new government report. here's one that's easy to relate to or brace for in the next few years. 1.1 trillion bucks. the report says there will be a big jump in health care spending in 2014. that's when major provisions of the president's sweeping health care law kick in including a requirement for most americans to have insurance. forecast released today by the
7:32 am
chief medicare actuary says private health care spending is expected to rise by 12% to $1.1 trillion. the government had predicted an increase of about 6% and yet, the study says the effect of the law on total national health spending will be modest in the long run with 32 million uninsured gaining coverage under this law. to break it down a little bit. there are a lot of numbers in the report. if you factor in the new law, the overall cost of health care to the economy for each american will be an average of $13,652 a year. in 2019 without the law, the number would be $265 less. today's report also gives us the first official estimate of the new cost of administering the health care law and it says federal and state agencies will spend more than $37 billion over 10 years creating and operating those new health insurance exchanges creating under obama's
7:33 am
sweeping health care reform law. back to you guys. >> thanks for the update. >> that's why so many democrats are having trouble what they should say about the health care problem when they go on the stump to get re-elected. the word got out, don't talk about saving money. >> the wildly unpopular part probably has something to do with it. in the meantime, moments ago, president obama spoke out. this is a fox news alert. talking about this weekend's planned koran building at a church in florida. >> this is a recruitment bonanza for al-qaida. you could have serious violence in places like pakistan. or afghanistan. the president says he hopes reverend terry jones, that man right there, reconsiders his plan to burn the qurans on september 11th in florida. >> he's a pastor of the 50 person church. this just into our newsroom. marine commandos reclaim control of a pirate held ship off the coast of somalia. the raid took place just before dawn. pirates hijacked the german
7:34 am
owned ship one day ago. nine suspected pirates were taken into custody. no one was hurt. gretch? >> noisy kids in a restaurant can quickly annoy customers. we all know that. we've been there, right? when brenda arms decided to ban screaming kids from her restaurant in wilmington, north carolina, you think people would be delighted. it's not that simple. kelly objects because her son is autistic. >> please don't shut them out because they don't fit into the perfect little box that everybody wants them in. >> and i think she's really upset because that's what she was handed in life and i feel sorry for her. it's her problem. sorry. >> i will be my son's voice and just like rosa parks i'm not getting out of my seat. >> well, the restaurant owner that has the sign that says screaming children will not be tolerated has attracted more customers than it has turned away. steve? >> meanwhile, gretch, you're
7:35 am
looking live at the space shuttle discovery at the kennedy space place. it's rolling over from its hangar at the vehicle assembly building. the move was supposed to happen yesterday but a water main break at the center delayed the move. shuttle is scheduled for its final launch to the international space station on november 1st. and it's going really slow. there on camera 97. >> ok. they've never been seen before until now. scurry to your tv, people. these pictures of the titanic were taken 2.5 miles below the surface. it's part of an expedition by the r.m. s. titanic as they try to capture a complete navigation sonar and image profile of the wreck site. it's the first dive by the r.m.s. titanic to the area in six years. titanic sank in the atlantic more than 98 years ago. see the entire photo gallery, head to fox
7:36 am
>> really cool. meanwhile. >> here's the satellite image of tropical storm igor they might say in the movies, the latest named atlantic storm. that's western africa. you see just beyond igor's pinwheel to the right. right now, maximum sustained winds at 40 miles per hour. later today, it should start moving to the west-northwest. tomorrow it should be gathering steam as it moves out over the warm atlantic. too early to tell whether or not it's going to be a threat to the united states or to the caribbean. meanwhile, let's take a look. we have some widely scattered thunderstorms all the way from portions of texas right up through the ozarks. where it's the heaviest. also a lot of rain in northern portions of iowa. widely scattered stuff in the inner mountain region. it is for the most part nice and dry across the eastern third. temperaturewise on this thursday in september, as you can see, 63 right now in new york and raleigh. we got 52 in chicago and minneapolis. 68 in kansas city right now. later on today, things are going to warm up into the 90's in portions of texas and the deep
7:37 am
south. 89 today in tampa. should be 69 in cleveland and if you are in denver, colorado, you're going to think man, it's hot today and that indeed is the case. it's going to be nice in the mile high city. >> let's talk a little tennis. pretty easy match for one guy last night. brian? >> roger fedderer back in the semifinals of the u.s. open once again. on a windy night in new york, second seeded fetderror blew away his opponent in straight sets, 6-4, 6-4, 7-5. for fedderer, an incredible seventh straight trip to the semifinals in the u.s. open. he takes on third seeded novak and that will be -- i knew that. that will be next. thank goodness eastern europe is free. looking to hit a home run in the slumping real estate market. here's how he's doing. the yankee shortstop has put his penthouse apartment in manhattan on the market for $20 million. he bought the apartment directly
7:38 am
from donald trump nine months ago. he bought it for $12.6 million. evidently he's painted it and spackled. he wants more. he won't be homeless, however. he's putting the finishing touches on a huge home off an island off of tampa, florida. it's not geraldo's island because he's there now. there's no running water. locals there already calling it jetersburg. all right. pittsburgh penguins stars crosby hasn't played ball since he was 12. you couldn't tell yesterday. he went deep yesterday. sid hammers it 370 feet. pirate could use his help. they stink. they lost for the 92nd time yesterday and fell to the braves 9-3. here's the thing about the pirates. they have a bad team. don't spend any money but they actually turned a $14 million profit. those fans are being robbed. coming up on "kilmeade and friends" between 9:00 and 12:00 you're not robbed. we turn a profit on your expense. and gretchen carlson will be on
7:39 am
today. all in three hours in an extravaganza and we will see. >> get my hot chocolate ready for me. >> you want hot chocolate? >> let's go out -- and a little crumpet i haven't got not to yet. joining us now is the author of the bestseller "the obama diaries." laura ingraham is here. how are you doing? >> doing just fine. >> i know you were blown out of your seat last night watching the imam's interview. let's talk about the president yesterday. he once again went to ohio to give a speech on the economy. this is what he had to say. >> if the election is a referendum on are people satisfied about the economy as if currently is, then we're not gonna do well because i think everybody feels like this economy needs to do better than it's been doing. >> is this one of the reactions that the average person would
7:40 am
have? >> duh! >> i love that. gretchen, i saw you at the top of the show and you expressed my feelings exactly on this. what exactly is this a referendum on mr. president? i mean, whether we like bo the dog, whether we like the white house dance series and the way they redecorated the oval office. this is a referendum. and we don't. this is a referendum on how americans are doing. how the country is doing. whether we feel like we're moving forward or whether we're slipping away and whether our prominence in the world is frankly being diminished by the policies of this administration. so it's all that. so i find this very odd phenomenon and you can maybe disagree but the more the president speaks, on pretty much any of these issues, the smaller he looks and oddly, the weaker he looks. he's not advancing the case for himself or his policies at all. it's becoming less convincing. >> his party is jumping ship. michael bennett, i'm not for this increase.
7:41 am
joe lieberman, i'm not for this. you have congressman gary peters of ohio yesterday, a democrat, he's saying i'm pretty much with john boehner. i like the bush tax cuts and i want to keep them in place. if he wants to get angry, he should get angry at some of the people not standing by him in his own party. let's switch gears a little bit, can we? imam sat down and spoke. did he win you over? should we have an islamic center in downtown new york. >> all i'm going to do is tonight on the bill o'reilly factor, i want to know if he's bringing in the body language experts. i want the analysis the way he was looking at soledeid o'brien and the way he was looking at him in that interview. i thought that was amazing television, i have to say. way that he responded when he was asked about, well, why not, you know, consider moving it because obviously this is inflaming tensions. well, if this mosque is moved, explosive things are gonna happen and the way he said it, i just -- i found it to be chilling and i know general petraeus has warned of violence but that's general petraeus.
7:42 am
this is not imam rauf. i think he took the wrong tack last night and he probably made people more concerned about the project, not less. >> right. that's your interpretation. now that you've set it up, let's go ahead and play that soundbite for the folks at home. >> if we move from that location, the story will be that the radicals have taken over the discourse. headlines in the muslim world will be that islam is under attack. if we don't do this right, anger will explode in the muslim world. >> is that a threat, laura? is that a threat? >> it's a veiled threat. sounded like that to me. he's obviously seeing what he's seeing in the middle east which i think that should be the conversation. not the response of americans. but why is it that when americans raise legitimate questions about a project, we're the radicals. meanwhile, people who are committing honor killings in our own country and overseas, i mean, they're the people whose
7:43 am
feelings we have to worry about. something is really wrong and twisted about this. and the majority of this country, we're not radicals, we're people who welcome folks from all faiths into this country. but there's a way to behave and there's a way not to behave. and his attitude last night, i think, it frankly stoked more tension and he's the author of a bridge builder on this particular issue. i mean, period. and it came across terrible last night. >> first time i'm hearing of this anger in the muslim world. i mean, that was a brand new concept. i had no idea. >> radical! >> don't -- ok. >> kilmeade, we're the radicals. we're the radicals and those people are just aggrieved. >> you have to go prepare for your radio show and check out her book "the obama diaries." laura, thank you. >> aren't small businesses supposed to save our economy? too bad john stossel says they're almost impossible to get going. he's here to explain. >> i think he is. that's usual. it's time for the finale of "true blood" and one of the
7:44 am
show's stars is here live. depression is a serious medical condition
7:45 am
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>> all right. we start with the trivia question of the day. born on this date in 1960, he says his on screen nonchalance is attitude but some folks say he works at it. who is he? >> who is your nonchalance expert. i'll pretend i don't care. she was kidnapped and had to fight off a psychotic stalker vampire on this season's "true blood". what will sunday's finale hold for actress wesley who plays tara thornton. you decide. >> haven't made breakfast for you, yet? >> oh. maybe that's cuz you always snuck out before i woke up. >> maybe that's because you always woke me up barking in your sleep. >> there's a reason for that.
7:48 am
>> yeah. >> actress regina wesley joins us now on the curvy couch. >> good morning. >> so many people are hooked on this "true blood." it was an overnight sensation. that's saying a lot. when the new series comes on tv, most of it don't make it. what is it about this show sf>> i think it's -- >> vampires! >> of course, of course, vampires, it's like a cult. but there's something for everyone in the show. i think it's -- it's meaty. it's raw. it's trying to be as authentic to louisiana as it can and then you've got all these supernatural powers and beings. >> sure, in the video we're looking at right there, there you are and then the guy turns into a dog every once and a while, right? >> yes, my character doesn't know that. >> how -- >> obviously. and your character should get hbo. >> no, you came by this role honestly by your parents. they were both performers. you grew up in las vegas. this is one of your first tv
7:49 am
volle deals. >> this is pretty lucky for me. >> you went to school at juilliard. did you imagine one stop juilliard, next stop vampire town. >> no, if you would have asked me five years ago, i would never have guessed i would be on this show right now. i'd be like right, whatever. it's happening so fast. i can't believe it. it's a blessing. >> we have the finale coming up so tell us what happens. >> i don't know. >> are you doing it live? >> there's going to be a big change from my character and i think it's definitely a change for the better. >> will there be answers in the finale? >> there may be some answers, yes. >> and some cliff hangers? >> of course. it's "true blood." it's gonna be good. >> season finale airs sunday at 9:00 p.m. on hbo. i know it's coming back next season, though. it's been such a hit. >> what a pleasure to meet you. rutina wesley, continued success. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> congratulations on the show. >> thank you. >> coming up straight ahead -->>
7:50 am
the president says small businesses can spark job growth. john stossel says one problem, they're impossible to start. he's here to explain that next. hey, john. >> he just heard his name. >> in 1990, bon jovi had the number one song in america "blades of glory." [ male announcer ] you can dream of delivering leading edge i.t. solutions to local hospitals or, like windstream communications, you can dream it and do i windstream lists on nasdaq,
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7:53 am
>> hey, the answer to the pfizer question of the day. hugh grant. the winner is not hugh grant. it's carrie from alabama. >> all right. congratulations. >> to everybody. >> it's a constant theme, the president going to the mike and pushing legislation for america's small businesses. >> it's so important to pass a jobs bill for america's small business. one thing we have a responsibility to do right now is to lift up our small businesses, small businesses are the backbone of our economy. they create two out of every 3
7:54 am
new jobs in this country. >> well, there you go. but despite all that talk, laws passed and government spending is more legislation only resulting in more government regulation, i ask you, gretchen. >> it's a topic tonight on "stossel" and joining us now is john stossel and i'll ask him that. what do you think? >> i think the regulation kills small business and kills jobs. and if you think about it, the president passes this targeted plan for small business so what does a businessman do? he says gee, i better hire tax accountants to figure this out instead of trying to expand my business and oh, i have 49 employees and a small business is below 50. i better not hire people. and if i hire more people above 50, then all these new regulations apply to me like sarbanes-oxley, i'll stay small. no wonder we don't have job growth. the way for small business to grow is have simple rules so people can start small businesses. there are 100 obstacles to starting a business. i learned about them by trying to start my own business.
7:55 am
>> give me a break. i'm told it's a wonderful book. >> i opened a business recently. i named it the stossel store. >> want to buy a fox t-shirt? >> not right now. >> i didn't say it was a smart business. but this ability to at least try to succeed is important. >> does your business need to form -- file 720, quarterly exise tax returns. >> i found it very difficult to even understand the legal hoops required just for my very simple business. how do i know? i had to register with the delaware secretary of state and division of corporations. >> got a federal employee identification number, buy commercial liability insurance, register with the state department of finance. >> in delaware this can be done in a few days. >> wow. but delaware is -- i didn't even try to start one in new york city because it would have taken months just jumping through the regulations. >> plus the higher taxes. >> taxes is another problem. >> but just the rules themselves are awful.
7:56 am
and what we'll go through on my show is examples like a hair braider. she's told by the government, you can't do that on your own. you have to be licensed. licensing requires 2,000 hours of courses from a cosmotology school that doesn't even teach hair braiding. >> right. then you never know if somebody is going to open up across the street called "comb it out" comb out tbraids and run you out of business. >> that's fun. that's free market and competition. >> i can't wait to watch the show tonight. i think small business is the engine of our economy. we got to get it going. we'll be watching at 9:00 and 12:00 and see you you do. >> thank you. keep watching both times. >> all right. >> that's on the fox business network. thanks, john. coming up on the show, does america need another czar? guess what? you already got one, whether or not you wanted it. this will oversee fish. isn't that what the -- >> pipe down, stossel! >> isn't that what the e.p.a. is already for? michelle malkin weighs in at the top of the hour. >> don't hit our guests on the knee, gretchen. the president doesn't have all democrats on his side when it
7:57 am
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8:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. it is thursday, september 9 and it's 2010. president obama weighing in on rahm emanuel becoming the next mayor of chicago. >> peter: the imam behind the mosque near ground zero says if they don't build it there, anger will explode in the muslim world. his comments creating outrage this morning. >> brian: the government is just named another czar, the czar of asian carp. do we really need a czar of asian carp, a czar of fish? answer that question at home and scream at the tv. "fox & friends" starts right now.
8:01 am
>> this is jackie mason, you're watching "fox & friends." but don't do it too often. >> peter: just every day. >> gretchen: one of the requirements for being a czar of carp is you actually have had to have baited your own hook before. have you done that? >> brian: no. but i would. >> peter: you've never gone fishing? >> brian: i have, but i've gone with my assistant and butler and they've done that. >> peter: brian is from new york and i know some guys from new york who fish with grenades. >> brian: that is not true. as a child, i was told dough on a hook would catch carp. i never got a carp. i think i was being put on. >> gretchen: come to minnesota. we had plenty of carp there. coming up right now, we want to tell you what the president just said. moments ago, he addressed speculation that his chief of staff, rahm emanuel, will run for mayor of chicago. >> i think he would be an excellent mayor. he is an excellent chief of staff. i think right now as long as he
8:02 am
is in the white house, he is critically focused on making sure that we're creating jobs for families around the country and rebuilding our economy. >> gretchen: the president says he doesn't expect rahm emanuel to make a decision until after the midterm. another fox news alert. four suspected terrorists escaped from a prison in baghdad. u.s. and iraqi officials confirming the breakout. all four men unfortunately had ties to al-qaeda and they were facing the death penalty. they were being held in the u.s. controlled portion of the prison, the only prison still under u.s. military control. new video this morning of what's being called one of the worst terrorist attacks in southern russia. a powerful blast rips through a market, leaving at least 15 people dead, including the homicide bomber. more than 130 other people are hurt. the country fighting an islamic insurgency across a muslim dominated region. take a look at this new video out of texas. an office complex and
8:03 am
tractor-trailer leveled by a tornado in an industrial area of dallas-fort worth. the remnants of tropical storm hermine being blamed for two death there is and forcing more than 100 high water rescues. then oklahoma, watch this. at least three tornadoes have been reported there. homes were damaged, power lines knocked down because of the heavy winds and a lot of rain. those are your quick headlines. >> peter: midterm elections less than eight weeks away. but are we going to see a campaign for president in the runup? a campaign for president, hmm. who would know about that? the guy in front of the house, mike emmanuel. >> good morning. president obama mentioned the house republican leader, the minority leader by name, very unusual approach, eight times the president traveled to the cleveland area to take on john boehner on the issue of our struggling economy. president obama proposed more inis that structure spending, business tax cuts as a way to
8:04 am
encourage job growth. this is the president in campaign mode like he's running against john boehner. >> for most of you, i bet this just seems like common sense, but not to mr. boehner and his allies. four years republicans have fought to keep these corporate loopholes open. >> after the speech, boehner said quote, if the president is finally serious about focusing on job, he should take the advice of his recently departed budget director and freezing all tax cuts, and cutting federal spending to where it was before the government bailout takeovers and stimulus spending spree. clearly the obama administration is thinking it is a good idea to try and make john boehner a villain. the white house clearly wants to make these midterm elections about being a choice. the obama strategy versus the republican strategy over being a
8:05 am
referendum on mr. obama's policies. guys. >> peter: all right. we thank you very much. let's go out to colorado and michelle malkin joins us. she joins us every week at this time. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. >> peter: george stephanopoulos sat down with the president of the united states and they ran a clip of their conversation. we all know the president wants those tax cuts for the most successful people in america to expire at the end of the year, to sunset. but what would happen if congress actually ok'd them and extended them? when asked whether or not he would veto it, he said this this morning. >> you can't have republicans running on fiscal discipline, that we're going to reduce our deficit, that the debt is out of control, and then borrow tens, hundreds of billions of dollars to get tax cuts to people who don't need them. >> does that mean you will veto an extension of tax cuts? >> what i am saying is that if
8:06 am
we are going to add to our deficit by $35 billion, $95 billion, $100 billion, $700 billion, if that's the republican agenda, then i've got a whole bunch of better ways for us to spend that money (does that mean you're going to vow toe it? >> there are a whole bunch of better ways to spend the money. >> how come you don't want to say veto. >> there are a whole bunch of ways. >> gretchen: we were postulating this and whether or not -- because there are democrats who want to extend these tax cuts to people making over $250,000 a year. obama is in a pickle on this one, isn't he? >> he certainly is. not just any democrats are against this. his own former economic advisors are against letting these things lapse. that was quite a little clip there, wasn't it? such a portrait of courage of your convictions.
8:07 am
i haven't seen as stiff and clumsy a side step since he danced on the ellen degeneres show. and i think what you see there, what that really is a manifestation of is the fear that this white house and democrat ruling majority have about what's going to happen in november, he can not get himself to say, i will veto those tax extensions, i will override the will of the people once again. >> brian: but the thing is, we're not even talking about people. we're talking about democrats. talking about democrats that are going against what he wants to do. you have senator michael bennett says, you know what, i'm not going to go forward s $5 billion. that's not what's going to get me elected. i don't think we should be doing that. talk about the $50 billion infrastructure program that the president proposed. >> yeah. this is not just any
8:08 am
infrastructure spending or stimulus. this is an infrastructure program that will benefit primarily and exclusively big labor. i'm calling it the big dig boondoggle because of an executive order that was signed into law by this president within weeks of his administration taking office. they basically mandated that all federal construction projects that are worth more than $25 million will be only awarded to those construction companies whose workers are members of unions. and it's a vehicle called the project labor agreement and all across the country and the big dig project in boston, of course, just the most infamous one, these pla's have been adopted and what if this was the result? massive increase in the cost of doing business and the cost of these taxpayer subsidized
8:09 am
boondoggles. so when he talks about putting people to work, of course, on labor day, he was with afl-cio thug in chief, president obama talks about sympathizing with construction workers. well, only construction workers who are union members would benefit from these and all of those and a majority of construction workers are not union members would not be able to work on these projects. way to achieve recovery there. >> peter: another $50 billion, even though i think i read on your web site something about how during the initial stimulus there was $50 billion or $100 billion or something like that in shovel ready stuff that time and it obviously didn't work, so why would it work. >> brian: no one had a shovel. >> peter: exactly. let's talk about this, the imam who wants to build the mosque down near ground zero. he was on television last night. he finally is back from his trip across the middle east spreading the good word about the united
8:10 am
states. it sure sounds like he was throwing down the gauntlet. if you don't let us build that there, there is going to be trouble, america. listen to this. >> if we move from that location, the story will be that the radicals have taken over the discourse. the headlines in the muslim world will be that islam is under attack. if we don't do this right, anger will explode in the muslim world. >> brian: it's unbelievable that he would come to the conclusion. that to me is clearly a threat. >> no doubt about it. it's not unbelievable. it's completely expected and i don't think it's any mistake that he used the word explode in so many of these cases over the years, predating and postdating september 11, we've seen the practice of many of these members of the religion of
8:11 am
perpetual outrage. they'll use any excuse to explode, whether it's the drawing of some cartoons of mohammed or in the middle east, everything from holding beauty pageants to building kfc's in their neighborhoods. it's always an excuse to explode. this is the point of the opponents of the ground zero mosque. it's not just about the mosque. it's about this threat that hangs over western civilization like a sword. that happens all the time for all reasons. >> gretchen: that's what i was thinking when i was seeing this and i hate to be cynical about it, but could it be, could it be, if you were really cynical, that they're testing the waters, that they deliberately want to put a mosque that close to ground zero and then when they know there is some sort of outrage, then they claim what he claimed last night, that watch out, if you don't put it here, you'll be attacked? >> well, yeah.
8:12 am
i don't think that's cynicism. i think that's an informed conclusion and it certainly is based on past behavior of islamic imperialists and provoke at thes who know who they're doing. we're -- headed toward the 9th anniversary of 9-11 and it's about time people become informed about what their true intentions are. >> brian: seven of ten are against this. so that means they're informed. >> peter: michelle, we're up to 41 czars now. the united states has just named the asian carp czar to keep the asian carp from getting into lake michigan. do we need another czar, especially a fish czar? >> well, you know, this problem of invasive species and the great lakes and other bodies of water is a big problem and you know that i've been a great opponent of many of these czars. i think it's subverting the
8:13 am
deliberative process. but i think this is one of those areas where you need cross agency cooperation. a lot of the states are fighting each other over this. there are some problems about whether there should be walls built between the mississippi and the great lakes. the problem with this particular czar and this particular position is that you've got a chicago-based white house, an illinois -- illinois is one of the states at the center of the controversy. the concern is whether this guy is going to favor illinois over the other states. >> brian: exactly. >> gretchen: michelle is back after the break and will talk about this story. billions of government dollars being spent to save coyotes and deer. is this a way to spend money when we're $13 trillion in debt?
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
>> gretchen: quick look at headlines. you're taking a live look at the space shuttle discovery rolling to the vehicle assembly building at the kennedy space building. it's scheduled for its final
8:17 am
launch to the international space station november 1. four people remain missing in the wild fire burning near boulder, colorado. 10% of the fire is so far contained. some evacuees will be allowed home today. >> brian: if you study the space like i have. >> peter: who knew? it's estimated the federal government owns one out of every three acres of land in this country, making it the nation's largest land manager obviously. now washington is looking to acquire more land under america's great outdoors initiative and some of it could belong to you. we're continuing the conversation with michelle malkin. it sounds like the federal government is targeting 17 energy-rich areas in 11 different states and they're going to designate them monuments so that they can control them and effectively what's going to happen is prairie dog, coyotes will wind up having more rights than some
8:18 am
states trying to generate jobs. >> yeah, that's right. this is a particular concern to folks here where i live in the rockies, out in the west, and i'm really calling it a war on the west and a war on the american way of life. this is a power grab, a land grab by administrative fiat, executive order. much of this has gone on under the radar screen. there are some western congressmen who have been calling attention to it. rob bishop, gop congressman in utah in particular has been on top of things and there have been whistle blowers, folks leaking internal documents from the bureau of land management and inside the interior department that have laid out some of these plans. jim demint has also been good at blowing the whistle on what's going on here. but it's happening on a number of fronts because, of course, you've got the environmental bureaucracies in washington doing their bidding.
8:19 am
and then you have these appointees going out across the land and meeting with environmental groups. they are not meeting with state and local officials who are opposing much of these massive expansions. and there is something called the great outdoors initiative which i've flagged and told people they should really pay attention to and give their two cents on. there's a public comment period going on right now about this. this is an administration that's supposed to be creating jobs and, in fact, what that's policies are doing is destroying them. >> gretchen: there is a big huge political undertoe on that whole thing there when it comes to energy. if you look at a map and see how much property the federal government owns in the united states, people would be shocked. we got to wrap it up there. but thank you for bringing us up to speed on that and everything else. we'll see you next week. >> thanks, bye. >> peter: straight ahead, health care reform is supposed to protect senior citizens. right? peter johnson, jr. is here next with why seniors will be hurt
8:20 am
the most. >> brian: charlie rangel facing ethics charges, but he's not worried about himself. he spoke moments ago about why the president is in deep trouble. >> peter: really?
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
>> peter: there is a new report which its findings are that -- let's back that up a little bit. let me do that again. a new report finds that getting a doctor's appointment will be more difficult for seniors and the disabled under health care reform. fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. is here with his prescription for truth. >> good morning. this is an interesting report. the national center for policy analysis, which is a conservative think tank, along with professor thomas sathing, a former trustee of medicare, has
8:24 am
looked at what's going to happen with medicare over the next few decades. what he's concluded is based on the cuts, dr. conian cuts, doctor also be paid less for medicare patients than for medicaid patients, and medicare recipient also wind up paying more for less and fewer medicare services over time. in fact, they calculate by the year 2020, there will be a net reduction in $2,300 worth of health services to medicare recipients based upon the way that the affordable health care act has been put together by the president. >> peter: you know, nancy pelosi now famously said, we'll have to pass this thing to see what's in it. now we're looking at it and realize, wait a minute, you're saying that the elderly, senior citizens, people who have worked their whole lives for this country, they're going to get screwed under this deal. >> medicaid at this point will pay about 80% of what private
8:25 am
insurance pays in this country. by the national center for policy analysis' calculations, by the end of the decade, that's going to drop to about two-thirds. and by one half at the mid century point, by 2050. so they are forecasting a dramatic reduction in the amount of money in health benefits that people are receiving under medicare and at the same time, tremendous reductions in what doctors are being paid. as a result, we will create kind of this restrictive health care class for older americans. >> peter: right. we had heard the administration say we're going to lower all the costs and those lower costs will be good for america. now we're discovering, according to this, the findings of this report, that not only are they lowering the cost, they're lowering what people will wind up with. >> right. and what happens under medicare, you don't have the ability to pay up for other services. you have to get what medicare
8:26 am
provides. but they made calculations by 2017, if there was a capacity for older americans to pay up for the services that they would need, they'd have to pay more than 10% of the social security dollars to pay for those health care benefits that they're supposed to be receiving under medicare. so it used the same assumptions that the president did and it's come up with very troubling statistics as to the real impact of obamacare. we have to keep an eye on it. a lot of people have a lot of predictions. this is theirs. it seems trouble. >> peter: it does seem troubling. peter johnson, jr., prescription for truth. thank you. >> thank you. >> peter: breaking news out of boston this morning. tom brady in a car accident. rescuers needed the jaws of life to get him out of the car. the latest details after the break. also straight ahead, joe biden doing what president obama would not do, he thanks president
8:27 am
george w. bush. >> we disagreed on policy. you deserve a lot of credit, mr. president. >> peter: wow. steven colbert didn't think he would hear that. what else did he have to say, straight ahead. plus, he's on the hit fox series, he's here with a preview of the all new season, there he is. in the great room. come on in, david. you're next.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
>> gretchen: fox business alert for you. the labor department releasing the weekly jobless claims right now. do we know the numbers? there they are. 451,000 new claims were filed last week. that is dramatically less than expected. 470,000 claims were expected. >> peter: dramatically? >> gretchen: i'm just reading the notes. it's not my assumption. it's also a fall from last week when 472,000 were claimed. >> peter: huge number. >> brian: listen to this, breaking news also, patriots quarterback tom brady in a serious car accident this morning. that's how it's characterized. it happened in boston. rescuers had to use the jaws of life. a pole knocked down at the scene brady is said to be, quote, shaken. no word on his condition, although we know he was taken to brigham and women's hospital. no word on whether his wife was in the car with him, but i don't believe she was with him.
8:32 am
that was the report i have. we're still up in the air. >> gretchen: vice president joe biden doing what his boss would not do, thanking former president george w. bush for his strategy in iraq. >> the administration has got some critique and criticism from me and my conservative friends, you have not given enough credit to president bush. would you like to take this opportunity right now? >> mr. president, thank you. you honored these guys. you've honored these men and women and troops and i've known you your entire eight years as president. i've never known a time when you didn't care about what happened. we disagreed on policy. you deserve a lot of credit, mr. president. >> gretchen: wow. most military experts say the surge did turn around the war when it happened three years ago. >> peter: congressman charlie rangel under fire for ethics violations talking moments ago. he said, he's not worried about his problems. he's worried about problems for the president. >> the president will have more
8:33 am
than an opportunity to correct the impression that was given. number one, he's going to need me now morehan ever and one of the main reasons why i'm excited about returning to the congress is that he has initiated so many things that for all of the decades that i served that i've been supporting. >> peter: mr. rangel added his violations are merely the result of the polarization in washington, d.c. >> brian: really? that's what he's sticking with? >> gretchen: i think we have another question, don't we? will they or won't they? >> brian: what do you mean? >> gretchen: on the upcoming season. sixth premiere of "bones." special agent is back from afghanistan and reunites him with bones. here is a peek. >> was it dangerous in afghanistan? >> no. what i did was mostly administrative. >> because you seem really very heavily armed in this
8:34 am
photograph. >> any head hunters or cannibals. >> we were attacked by armed guerrillas. but i beat them up and we got away. >> you beat up armed guerrillas? >> i had to. you weren't there to save me. >> brian: we're joined right now by the star of "bones," himself dave boreanaz. will they or won't they? >> but they already are. i think for the five seasons that the show has been on, it's always been that question. the best thing about the chemistry of these two, that they are together. they're just not there yet. >> peter: people want to know if it will go to the next level. >> it will because we're in season 6. >> gretchen: you've only had a kiss. right? at least on camera. >> we've had, let's see. first kiss was christmas kiss. >> peter: what season was that? >> season 3, before the writer strike. so then we had the big kiss
8:35 am
last -- the end of season 4, which was this whole fantasy thing we did at the end of the season. the end of last season, i poured my heart out for her and she decided she wasn't ready so i decided to go on with my life and the whole team gets separated and the start of season 6 we all get back together and things have changed and booth found a new love interest. >> gretchen: crusher! >> he is just moved on in a way that's good for him right now. >> brian: here is the thing, do you go into character and go, steve is in this character, he'll act like this at night and at night he'll act like himself. do you bring your character home with you? >> no, i do not bring the character home. if i did that, my wife would be very upset with me. the character stays on the set, that's it. i hit my marks and that's the end of it. >> peter: that's great. speaking of the end of it, with a lot of tv shows, if you're lucky, you may get one whole
8:36 am
season. this show is going and going. look, you're on dvd the last season. for an actor in this business, you got to be going, jackpot. >> no. you're very fortunate. when you start on a project like this, especially with a pilot, you're just hoping that it gets made and then it gets picked up and then you find yourself in this kind of journey and it becomes something else. it's this other animal you have to try to understand. and just being fortunate to work on the pilot and get through the pilot and then maintain itself for x amount of seasons, you can't take that for granted. you have to continue to do the work and we found ourselves in season 6. >> gretchen: you know you've made it when you're asked in a situation from jersey shore to be on the show. >> that's a really funny show. that was the third episode we shot this year. we're looking forward to that show. it was exciting. i always go down to the jersey shore. it was a bit of a reunion for
8:37 am
what -- the outfits haven't changed. [ laughter ] clearly still the same. i think the hair has gotten bigger. >> gretchen: let's talk about what you're also involved in, a big event tomorrow night, stand up to cancer. >> yeah. it's something that i'm involved with. it's my first time being involved with this. all the donations go to research and science obviously and those affected by cancer. myself i have family members who passed from this horrible disease. it's raising awareness and it's crippling and it's time to stand up and that's what it's all about and donations can be called in. >> gretchen: 8:00 p.m. eastern time tomorrow night on fox, abc, cbs, nbc, tons of celebrities will be there. >> brian: any one you're looking forward to meeting back stage? >> i'm more the sports oriented person. so when you meet a sports
8:38 am
figure, i'm like, wow. i love sports. >> peter: we had joe montana here yesterday. >> oh, that must have been great >> gretchen: it was. >> brian: i heard you play fantasy football? >> big fantasy football person, huge. >> gretchen: vikings or saints? >> i'm picking the ravens. i think it will be ravens and cowboys in the super bowl and the raven also pull it out. >> brian: you get to do the weather for a week. >> gretchen: david, continued success with "bones" and everything else. >> thank you. >> peter: all right.
8:39 am
>> gretchen: coming up next, reaction to the new jobless claims. eric bolling is here and he's the host of "money rocks" on the "fox business" network. >> peter: and former miss usa ali landry is debuting her new children's clothing line. you don't have to wait until next week. we have a sneak peek coming your way.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
>> gretchen: fox news alert. new photos into our news room. u.s. marine commandos reclaim control of a ship being held hostage by pirates off the somali coast. the raid took place before dawn. pirates hijacked the german owned ship one day ago. nine pirates were taken into custody. vice admiral mark fox joins me now. good morning to you, admiral.
8:43 am
>> hey, gretchen. >> gretchen: tell us what happened here. >> well, we had a combination of all the right people at the right place at the right time. we had a vessel that was pirated, hijacked and the crew did exactly the right thing. they barricaded themselves down in a hard room and the pirates were unable to penetrate into the area where the crew had protected themselves and that gave us enough time for our team to come over and do a boarding early this morning and take the ship back from the pirates. >> gretchen: admiral, help us understand because i remember last year when these pirate situations were so frequent and so concerning that there was a lot of talk about changing the rules of engagement as far as whether or not people aboard ships could be armed. where do we stand with that? >> we don't specifically address rules of engagement publicly just 'cause it's bad guys don't know exactly what they are.
8:44 am
what we do have are, we're giving the people the tools, our crews have the training and in this particular case, you have to be present, you got to kind of walk the beat in this particular area to be able to influence the kind of activity that we see here. if a coninfluence of the people, the right training at the right place at the right time. >> gretchen: nine pirates have been arrested and everyone else is safe and sound. we got the update from vice admiral mark fox. thank you so much. >> thanks, gretchen. not a shot fired. our marines and sailora really great job. >> gretchen: thanks so much. and thanks to them. brian? >> brian: all right. jobless claims dropped this week just as president obama traveled to cleveland to lay out his economic stimulus plan. yes, i use that word. so what does this say about our economic outlook? we're joined by eric bolling. i just saw him in the elevator. we have tv's there. first up, three point plan you
8:45 am
saw yesterday. we got a preview on monday. what do you see? some hope for the economy listing anything? >> no. shear what's going on. mr. obama yesterday went to ohio to rebut mr. boehner's speech a couple of weeks ago and -- here is what he did. let me hold the card up. he blamed bush, he blamed the gop. he blamed boehner. he blamed big oil and he blamed rich people. but the bottom line is, he didn't blame himself. it's too much spending. he's spending a trillion dollars on banks and auto bailouts. a trillion dollars on stimulus, at least a trillion on stimulus and of the 3 or 400 billion on spending bills, it's the spending side of the equation. unfortunately mr. obama doesn't get the math. you cut the spending, and all of a sudden that starts to come down because tax revenues aren't going up and he's trying to increase tax revenues by taxing the rich more. bottom line is you're almost tapped out. it's a very, very small amount of money compared to the huge
8:46 am
amount of spending going on. >> brian: what about the personal story when he brings up his economic stripe growing up and his mom waking him up to read to him and his grandparents being short of money. does that sell at this point leading up to -- >> it may. the guy is a campaigner. he's doing a wonderful job campaigning right now. unfortunately, the reality is, i'll do the math again, bailouts, a trillion. stimulus, another trillion. spending bills, another 300 billion. you got to stop the spending. you want to bring the deficit down, which right now, the national debt approaching $14 trillion. on its way to $20 trillion if things don't change, if the tax revenues don't go up, meaning the economy gets better or you cut the spending, he's going to be in a whole heck of a lot of trouble. we are, too, 'cause we'll end up paying for these. >> brian: here is president obama talking about his plan to goose the economy. >> let me be clear to mr. boehner and everybody else, we should not hold middle class tax cuts hostage any longer.
8:47 am
we are ready this week if they want to give tax cuts to every american making $250,000 or less. >> brian: what we're finding is that it's not republicans, just boehner alone. it is senator bye, a democrat, congressman steve israel, a democrat, who doesn't want the spending, don't want to see the bush tax cuts maintained. >> another one, peter orzach, two days ago, op ed said by the way, guy, don't let those bush tax cuts expire yet. it's a bad time to do that. here is the obama budget director telling them not to let the bush tax cuts expire. he's got a problem on his hands. he'll split it down the middle and people will go, let them expire, don't let them. if he does let them expire, he'll have a real tough time politically. here is an important point, don't let him fool you if they pass them or push them back one year, that's a trick.
8:48 am
two minimum because no one makes a decision in business based on a one year outlook. you look five years down the road. >> brian: this sounds like a basic promise, if you make $200,000, 250, you're not rich. it depends on where you live. you might even have trouble making it if you live in new york. that's what congressman israel was saying. >> there is no way that if you just tax the people making over 200,000 or over $250,000, as a family, that that's going to do anything to close the budget gap and slow down that national debt clock that keeps ticking. by the way, i got inside the ground zero mosque yesterday. i took pictures in there. we'll show them. we're going to show more pictures tonight. >> brian: good. thanks. coming up, ali landry is debuting her new children's clothing line next week. but you don't have to wait until then. we have kids and clothes coming your way. first, bill hemmer also with clothes on is coming up at the top of the hour. >> good to be on the radio
8:49 am
yesterday, brian. you were brilliant as usual. i'll take it from you. the imam behind the mosque speaks out and we have a 9-11 survivor to react to what he said last night. the president moments ago asked if burning the koran is a good idea. his reaction on that. it is obama versus boehner in 2010. it's hemmer versus mccallum in 11 minutes. we'll see you then on america's newsroom on a thursday.
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
>> brian: an update on a story that's a breaking story. quarterback tom brady of the patriots in a car accident at 6:30 a.m. this morning. you're looking live at the scene right now. overhead of the accident, which has now been cleared.
8:53 am
an audi with jersey plates and mini van were involved. the jaws of life used to free a passenger in the back of the van. brady was treated at the scene and reportedly went on to practice. the pats season opener this season against the bengals. his wife was not involved. she's from brazil. but not there now. she's in new york for fashion week. gretchen? >> gretchen: thanks a lot. when ali landry became miss usa, she told people she wanted to have her own lifestyle line. her dream and a lot of others came true. she's debuting her children's clothing line called bell parrish and debuting that new york fashion week. >> we still cannot believe it. we're pinching ourselves. we are beyond thrilled. it's been a dream of mine forever and i think once i had a child, everything, my whole world was pretty much turned upside down. i really realized that i wanted
8:54 am
to dress her in classic age appropriate clothing. you see so many children that they look like adults and i just really wanted to cherish those moments because they pass by so quickly. >> gretchen: don't we both know that. let's look at some of your looks. this is gia and andrea. this is lazy day. explain this. >> this is two collections right now. an heirloom collection and getting a sneak peek of our sunday best. these are twins. gia, is wearing, we have one lace and the other is a cotton. i'm from the south, it's very hot and humid there. that's the best fabric in the world, because it's cool, the more you wash it, the softer it gets. so two classic really, really cute dresses. >> gretchen: who wouldn't want those? let's look at ali in peek a boo. >> okay. here she comes. here is our little baby.
8:55 am
she's in an eyelet crisscross with a little ruffle bust. i love eyelet in the summer time. that is adorable. that's also from my heirloom collection. and she's having a sad moment right now. >> gretchen: that's all right. that happens when you have toddlers. kids will be kids. let's move to ania in hide and seek. >> actually i think we have evelyn now. this is in our brand-new collection and this is beautiful silk with lace and she looks absolutely adorable. with her gorgeous pink patent sandals. >> gretchen: that's a beautiful dress. are we going to marisha next? >> this is ania in hide and seek. this is a play outfit. throw on some converse. a cute smock, batise.
8:56 am
we did an elle girl model search. they come from all over the city. and they're going to be our models for today and fashion show. >> gretchen: stick around because i want to see some of these other looks when we come back after the break. check out that little crown. right back.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> gretchen: we're back with ali landy who has a new clothing line for kids and two more models. >> we have presley in our petite paris dress. i love her blue head band 'cause she reminds me of alice in wonderland. this is our heirloom collection. this is a keepsake item. my mother kept all my clothes for me and when i had a baby, it was one of the biggest gifts in the world. this is one of those pieces that you can pass on. here we have our birthday dress. this is our birthday girl with her birthday crown and looking so adorable. >> brian: they all are adorable. >> gretchen: more with ali and all the models in our after the show show.

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